tirsdag 16. juni 2020

13,500-year-old bird figurine discovered in China is a game-changer for prehistoric art

Stone Age bird figurine uncovered in China could be a "missing link" in our understanding of prehistoric art, according to research published Wednesday. Dating back almost 13,500 years, the sculpture is now the oldest known example of three-dimensional art in East Asia, preceding other discoveries in the region by nearly 8,500 years. Described as being in "an exceptional state of preservation," the figurine was found at an archeological site in Lingjing, in central China's Henan province. It was hand-carved from burned animal bone using stone tools.

Researchers say the sculpture depicts a bird on a pedestal, pointing to deliberate marks where the creature's eyes and bill would be. It is believed that the bird's oversized tail was made to prevent the figurine from tilting forward when laid on a surface.