torsdag 7. mai 2020

Trump officials try to enlist foreign allies in pressure campaign against China over coronavirus response

With the general election just six months away, and the global economy in shamblesbecause of the coronavirus, there is increasing urgency inside the White House and among President Donald Trump's Republican allies to blame China over its failure to stem the spread of the disease early on.
Now, there's an effort underway to enlist foreign allies to do the same.

In recent weeks, Trump, along with several administration officials including Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow, have spoken to dozens of foreign allies about ways to collectively address what the White House says was China's intentional effort to conceal the severity of the outbreak, according to two people with knowledge of the discussions.
The President himself has scaled up his conversations with foreign counterparts over the past three weeks, and has raised China with dozens of foreign leaders, one person familiar with those conversations said. While many traditional US allies remain wary of ratcheting up tensions with China, in speaking with Trump, some European leaders have expressed concern at how China handled the crisis, according to the person.