tirsdag 31. mars 2020

Trump contradicts Pompeo by downplaying foreign coronavirus disinformation campaigns

President Donald Trump on Monday expressed skepticism about foreign disinformation campaigns related to the coronavirus pandemic, contradicting Secretary of State Mike Pompeo who has been a strong critic of China and Iran in particular. Asked about reported efforts by China, Russia and Iran to mislead the public about the source of the deadly pandemic and the US response to it, Trump countered by voicing doubt about the media reports and suggesting that they were aimed at damaging his presidency.

"Number one you don't know what they're doing, and when you read it in the Washington Post, you don't believe it," Trump said on Fox & Friends. "I believe very little of what I see. I see stories in the Washington Post that are so fake, that are so phony." Pressed on the fact that the Chinese government has engaged in such a disinformation campaign, the President seemed to downplay the matter.