fredag 13. mars 2020

North Korea Hasn’t Reported Any Cases Of The Coronavirus. The Truth Could Be Very Different.

Last week, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un sent a note of sympathy to the South Korean president over the spread of the novel coronavirus there.

Kim’s letter carried more than a tinge of irony. North Korea, which is technically at war with the South, has reported no cases at all. By contrast, South Korea's high numbers of cases are likely the result of its aggressive testing for the virus in order to get the outbreak under control. But North Korea lacks the health care infrastructure and capacity to do the same with its own people, and is notoriously secretive about events inside the country, so it’s hard to know what it is really going on.

This has raised fears that its population of some 25 million is at risk, especially those in remote areas or suffering from preexisting health conditions.