lørdag 11. januar 2020

Same-sex relationships are taboo in China. An Alibaba ad is challenging that

A new commercial for one of China's largest online marketplaces never utters the words "gay rights." But it's making waves online for what appears to be a subtle challenge to one of the country's major taboos. The 23-second ad released by Tmall, an e-commerce platform owned by Alibaba (BABA), begins when a young man brings another man home for the holidays and introduces him as "Kelvin." Two girls in the home respond by giggling and gossiping. At dinner, the father hands Kelvin a bowl of soup, and he responds by saying, "Thanks, Dad," creating an awkward moment of surprise.

The video caught fire this week when it was posted on the Chinese social media website Weibo by LoveMatters, an organization that provides education and advice about sex and relationships.
LoveMatters praised Tmall as a "prominent company" that supports the LGBTQ movement — something it said was "important for the community to be visible, to be seen by the public, and to be recognized."

The video has millions of views and has been liked on Weibo tens of thousands of times. It has also garnered more than 4,500 comments, many of which are positive.