mandag 6. januar 2020

Missing Uyghurs Do Not Reappear: The Case of the Hamdullah Family

Rich or poor, religious or atheist, lettered or unschooled, the rationale is baffling. The CCP does not need a reason for its unabated, illegal trawling in of Uyghurs, of all classes and persuasions, and sentencing them without trial.

Responding to growing numbers of Uyghur diaspora around the world appealing for news of relatives back in their home country, Beijing’s state sponsored mouthpiece CGTN (China Global Television Network) launched a publicity drive this week to expose the “lie” that Uyghurs in Xinjiang have gone missing. Claiming to have “found” those advertised under the hashtag “StillNoInfo” posted by worried relatives abroad, CGTN has mounted a series of reports to denounce the so-called fake news that has blackened China’s name, claiming that the reportedly “lost” are in fact safe and sound.