mandag 20. januar 2020

Hong Kong is at a crossroads': inside prison with the student who took on Beijing

The last words I said before I was taken away from the courtroom were: “Hong Kong people, carry on!” That sums up how I feel about our political struggle. Since Occupy Central – and the umbrella movement that succeeded it – ended without achieving its stated goal, Hong Kong has entered one of its most challenging chapters. Protesters coming out of a failed movement are overcome with disillusionment and powerlessness.

The appeal sentencing of myself and my fellow umbrella leaders Nathan Lawand Alex Chow has dealt yet another devastating blow to the morale of pro-democracy activists. Even though it feels as if we have hit rock bottom, we need to stay true to our cause. We must. To my friends who have decided to walk away from politics, I hope my being here and writing you this letter will convince you to reconsider. If not, our sacrifices will have been for nothing.