mandag 20. januar 2020

Chinese official in hot water after branding Sweden 'lightweight'

Sweden's government summoned the Chinese ambassador in Stockholm to discuss his comments Saturday that compared Swedish media coverage of China to a lightweight boxer who ``provokes a feud'' with a heavyweight. Chinese Ambassador Gui Congyou used the boxing metaphor while speaking with Swedish public broadcaster SVT. Swedish Foreign Minister Ann Linde on Saturday called the envoy's statement an ``unacceptable threat.``

Linde said she has summoned him to discuss the issue on Tuesday. ``Freedom of speech prevails`` in Sweden, and ``what China's ambassador now does is very serious,`` she said.

In his remarks to SVT, Gui said he believes Swedish journalists have interfered in China's internal affairs with their reporting. He didn't give specific examples, but characterized the relationship between his country and Swedish media are reminiscent of two boxers. He didn't specify the allegations. ``"It's like a 48-kilogram lightweight boxer who provokes a feud with an 86-kilogram heavyweight boxer, who out of kindness and goodwill urges the (smaller) boxer to take care of himself,``" Gui said.

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