mandag 30. desember 2019

My family are among those protesting. It shows how much Indians value secularism

Newspapers have been screaming headlines about India’s countrywide protests against the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA), which was recently passed by parliament, and the proposed National Register of Citizens (NRC). Both seek to make India’s approximately 200 million Muslim people – 14% of India’s population – second-class citizens.

But for me the protests were up close and personal. My 32-year-old son and daughter-in-law were roughed up by a handful of police while filming a huge protest rally in Bengaluru. I was proud of my three children, who all turned up to protest, but my stomach churned when I heard that my youngest son’s shoulder had been dislocated. It’s a sign of the times we live in. My husband and I, with our older son, marched in solidarity in our small mountain town near Ooty in Tamil Nadu.