tirsdag 8. oktober 2019

Hong Kong's violent protests show no sign of stopping. Some are deciding it's time to leave

In the middle of a beautiful sunset in May, Emily's boyfriend knelt before her on a beach in Japan and proposed. Overjoyed, she said yes. They envisioned starting a family together in their home of Hong Kong. But within a month, their plans -- their whole vision of a future together -- had been thrown into chaos.

Four months into the largest protests in the city's history, Emily is looking for a way out of the embattled city. Now, along with her fiancé, Emily -- who declined to give her full name due to political sensitivities -- is actively looking to emigrate to another country within the next two years, including the UK and the US. "I will have children one day," the 25-year-old office worker told CNN. "I don't want them to live in a police state where they cannot freely express their opinions."