tirsdag 13. august 2019

The Land Drenched in Tears: In Xinjiang, It’s the Cultural Revolution—Again

A moving, timely book. The harrowing memoir of a young Tatar Muslim medical student describes the horrific life under the Cultural Revolution in Xinjiang. She says what is happening today is even worse.

“You silly, backward people, ignorant of the glorious social changes in this country. You are no longer allowed to hold onto your traditional beliefs. You can say no today, but just wait and see: the Party will soon forbid you to wear even your own traditional clothes, let alone have your traditional way of life and your religion.”

Could these be insults leveled at the Uyghur people of North West China during the recent clampdowns? Could they be part of the current institutionalized attempts of the CCP to extinguish Uyghur culture, culminating in the incarceration of up to three million of their compatriots since the draconian purges began in earnest in 2017.