tirsdag 13. august 2019

Hong Kong Protests: The Catholic Factor

The Hong Kong protests are continuing. Some believe they may become the new Tiananmen. Human rights activist speculate on how the U.S., and President Donald Trump’s, attitude may determine the fate of the protest, or even fuel or create opposition to President Xi Jinping within the CCP itself.

Some in Hong Kong, however, believe that the choices of a third world leader, in addition to Trump and Xi Jinping, may weigh heavily on the future of Hong Kong. This leader is Pope Francis. Roman Catholics in Hong Kong amount only to 5% of the population, but they carry a disproportionate power in politics, culture, and the media. Hong Kong’s Chief Executive, Carrie Lam, whose pro-CCP positions sparked the protest, is herself an active Catholic, has been educated in Catholic schools, and it is no secret that she regularly consults with Catholic Bishops on important political matters.