tirsdag 27. august 2019

Pro-China Supporters 'Bully' Those Showing Support For Hong Kong Protests Globally

A wave of pro-China demonstrations is gathering pace in cities around the world, wherever supporters of the Hong Kong anti-extradition movement gather, prompting concerns over violence and freedom of expression. Canadian police escorted around 80 worshippers from a church inVancouver on Sunday after the church was surrounded by around 100shouting pro-China protesters and vehicles that had earlier been seen at the Chinese consulate.

A woman seen directing protesters outside the Tenth Church -- which had been holding a prayer service for Hong Kong -- declined to speak to the media or to identify herself. The protesters’ actions were described by an organizer of the prayers as "intimidation" and "bullying," Hong Kong's English-language South China Morning Post reported. Chris Chiu told the paper that the incident had left him shaken and fearing for the worshippers’ safety, although 20 police officers were called to the scene.