tirsdag 27. august 2019

Over-reliance on Chinese students a ‘multibillion-dollar gamble’ for Australian universities: report

Universities in Australia are taking a “multibillion-dollar gamble” by relying on Chinese students for revenue, a report has said, amid growing concerns that Australian research has been used by Beijing to violate human rights. Many of the country’s top-ranked universities have “extraordinary levels” of exposure to the Chinese market, putting the taxpayer at risk in the event student numbers declined, according to the report by the Centre for Independent Studies, a right-leaning think tank in Sydney.

The report, authored by Salvatore Babones, found that seven “too big to fail” universities had far higher numbers of Chinese students than the international norm, relying on their fees for between 13 and 23 per cent of total revenues. Chinese enrolments generated A$500 million (US$338 million), or one-fifth of revenue, at the University of Sydney alone in 2017.