onsdag 24. juli 2019

'We saved ourselves': Hong Kong train attack victims describe 30-minute ordeal

Victims of an attack by masked men in a Hong Kong train station on Sunday have accused police of not responding to their calls for help, saying: “We saved ourselves … because nobody else was there.” Their faces obscured by masks, they gave emotional testimony at a press briefing on Wednesday alongside the Democratic party lawmaker Lam Cheuk-ting, who was also injured in the attacks.

Their statements came as Beijing blamed the unrest in Hong Kong on “black hands” from the US, advising America to remember that “Hong Kong is China’s Hong Kong”. One man, who gave his surname as Leung, was on his way to meet friends when he stopped at Yuen Long and saw the men attacking commuters on the platform and in train carriages. “The carriage was full of the smell of blood,” he said. He tried to help a man who was on the ground and was beaten over the head. “During the whole thing I didn’t see a single policeman or MTR [transport] staff,” he said, adding that the attack lasted 30 minutes. “I kept looking for the police but they never came.”