onsdag 24. juli 2019

Hong Kong protesters pledge to stand up to thugs after attack

Protesters in Hong Kong have pledged to stand up to thugs who attacked demonstrators at the weekend as public anger grows towards the government and police. Demonstrators have filed for a permit to hold a rally on Saturday in Yuen Long, the district on the outskirts of Hong Kong where dozens of masked men chased and beat commuters and protesters with wooden poles and metal rods, leaving at least 45 people in hospital. Police arrived after the assailants left.

Footage of the attack, which included a pregnant woman being hit, protesters being punched and kneed, and commuters screaming and crying while trying to shield themselves, emerged on Sunday night, fuelling further political unrest as demonstrators, opposition lawmakers and others demanded answers from authorities for failing to stop the violence.

Max Chung, who delivered the application for a letter of no objection from the police, that is required to hold a rally, said: “We want to show to the public and international community that Hong Kongers, we will never surrender in front of terrorism … To show our solidarity and say no to terrorism, we have to stand up.” Chung said: “Yuen Long was under terrorist attack and we have no choice but to take it back.”