mandag 29. juli 2019

Hong Kong: Police urge people to stay indoors as officers fire tear gas and rubber bullets at protesters

Hong Kong was struck by another night of violence on Sunday as police fired tear gas and rubber bullets in running battles with protesters.Police urged residents to stay indoors with their windows shut as the semi-autonomous Chinese territory was consumed by chaos as demonstrators blocked streets with road signs and umbrellas.

Officers were attempting to push the crowds away from the Chinese government’s liaison office and a police station in the western part of Hong Kong when they fired tear gas.Protesters occupied two areas at opposite ends of central Hong Kong on Sunday following a midafternoon rally against police use of tear gas at a previous demonstration. The pro-democracy protests began early last month in opposition to an extradition bill with mainland China that has since been suspended and described as “dead” by Carrie Lam, Hong Kong’s leader. But the movement has expanded to become a more broad push for full democracy.