lørdag 6. juli 2019

Chinese real estate empire loses $5 billion in value after founder Wang Zhenhua detained

Billions of dollars were wiped off the value of a Shanghai real estate empire this week after its founder was detained by Chinese police,reportedly on suspicion of child molestation. Billionaire Wang Zhenhua, who founded Future Land Development Holdings in 1996, was detained earlier this week on suspicion of having molested a minor in a Shanghai hotel, Chinese state media reported

Future Land, which is known in China by the name of its subsidiary Seazen Holdings, issued an open letter in Chinese Friday in which it apologized for its founder's reported behavior and the "great suffering" he had caused the alleged victim and her family. "We are deeply troubled, shocked and upset about the fact that it is our company's founder who caused this storm," the company said. "We, as well as the public, think juveniles are the future of society, and any behavior that harms them should be punished by the law."