onsdag 31. juli 2019

Are Indian travellers set to overtake Chinese for ‘world’s worst tourists’ title?

It’s happening. After some six, uncontested years occupying the top spot on the “world’s worst tourists” list, Chinese travellers are being challenged.All it takes for an entire nation’s reputation to be ruined is one viral tale to take hold in the international news stream. For China, the damage was done in 2013, when 15-year-old Ding Jinhao carved his name into Egypt’s ancient Luxor Temple, achieving global infamy and immediately transforming Chinese tourists into personae non gratae at popular destinations from Paris to Phuket.

But now, a family reportedly caught stealing from their hotel in Bali, Indonesia, could do for India what Jinhao did for the Middle Kingdom. In a video posted to Twitter on July 27, hotel staff can be seen arguing with Indian guests who have just checked out as they go through the group’s luggage and discover a mirror, clothes hangers and a hairdryer, according to a report in Indian daily newspaper the Hindustan Times. Ignoring one departing guest’s pleas to allow him to pay for the pilfered goods, employees stress it is a matter of respect – or lack thereof.