søndag 30. juni 2019

Trump embraces dictators and despots in deal-making G20 summit

Not an overly enthusiastic summit participant, President Donald Trump has come to fashion the yearly gatherings more to his liking: speed dating for deals, with a cast of strongmen (no strongwomen) swapping in and out of the chair across the table.

On Friday and Saturday here, Trump sat for talks with men accused of masterminding election fraud and a grisly murder. He worked to strike a trade deal with the President of a nation imprisoning a million religious minorities in remote camps. And he tweeted an optimistic "meet you there!" message to the despot who's assassinated underlings with anti-aircraft guns.

Trump's penchant for dictators has always been a pronounced aspect of his foreign policy, but in Japan he appeared to throw aside attempts at masking it. If there is a Trump foreign policy doctrine -- and there is no consensus among experts and analysts that there is -- it would most likely center on the pursuit of deals, no matter the dealmakers.