søndag 21. april 2019

China takes aim at Swedish activist as it ramps up ‘foreign infiltration’ propaganda

Beijing has highlighted an alleged espionage case involving a Swedish human rights worker more than three years after he was arrested and deported from China, as it steps up propaganda against what it calls “foreign infiltration”. State-run newspaper People’s Daily on Friday said Swedish activist Peter Dahlin had used the Joint Development Institute (JDI) to “exaggerate and fabricate” negative news about China in human rights reports written for an overseas audience, and that it was a threat to national security.

Dahlin’s non-governmental organisation, known as China Action, was registered as JDI in Hong Kong.Repeating Beijing’s accusations in 2016, when Dahlin was deported, the article said JDI had received money from outside China and had paid Chinese human rights lawyers 3,000 yuan (US$450) per month to support cases against the government.