torsdag 10. januar 2019

Getting serious': Kim Jong-un's Beijing detour brings a second Trump summit closer

Kim Jong-un has told Xi Jinping he wants a second meeting with Donald Trump and is committed to “achieving results” amid an impasse over denuclearisation, according to state media reports of their meeting in Beijingthis week. Kim told Xi that North Korea would “continue sticking to the stance of denuclearisation” and “make efforts for the second summit between the [North Korean] and US leaders to achieve results”, Chinese state media reported.

The comments by Kim, who has just ended his fourth visit to China in the past 10 months, echo those he made in his New Year’s Day address, when he said he was ready to meet Trump “at any time”, but warned that the North could be forced to take a “new path” unless the US eased sanctions and made security guarantees.