tirsdag 8. januar 2019

Beijing's foreign policy increasingly tone deaf

Beijing's aggressive foreign policy, led by President Xi Jinping, is increasingly tone deaf to a growing wave of global public opinion against China that is forcing politicians in democracies to make choices to either resist China, or submit and face suspicions of having come under Beijing's influence.

In places as diverse as Taiwan, Hong Kong, Pakistan, Canada, and the U.S, China's policies are leading constituencies that previously exhibited little concern over China's behavior, into linking with other like-minded people and organizations to consider ways to slow the growth of the Chinese Communist Party's (CCP) power, and to stop local elites who serve the interests of Beijing. Most China observers think Xi is thereby making major strategic blunders. Is it because, surrounded by yes men in his status as China's new dictator, he is unaware of the pitfalls into which he leads his country?