fredag 1. desember 2017

One-third of children living in rural China have been 'left behind' by their parents, survey finds

According to the Global Times, a new report reveals that one-third of China's rural students are ""left-behind children." The term, as defined by the Chinese Ministry of Civil Affairs (MCA), refers to "rural children under the age of 16 whose parents are migrant workers, or who have one migrant-worker parent with the other incapable of guardianship."

The report from On the Road to School, an NGO working to help these underprivileged children, states that nearly 60% of the kids living in rural settings see their parents less than twice a year. This data comes from a survey of approximately 15,000 rural kids in 17 different provinces. Even more shocking, the report estimated that upwards of 10 million young students across the country could be living without either of their parents. To put things in perspective, 8% of the children surveyed were so disconnected from the care and attention of their guardians that they claimed their parent's death had no effect on them.