fredag 1. desember 2017

Left-behind children in China: 2 boys travel 80km in the undercarriage of a bus to 'find their parents'

A series of pictures and videos of two Chinese boys, who were found hiding in the undercarriage of a bus, has sparked an online outcry about the plight "left behind" children in rural China. The two boys, aged eight or nine, reportedly travelled about 80km to find their parents who work in the neighbouring province of Guangdong. According to the Southern Morning Post newspaper, the boys who are from a poor village in southern Guangxi, were reported missing on 23 November by their school teacher. They were later found on the same day in the undercarriage of a vehicle at a bus station.The photos show the boys curled up in the bottom of the carriage, with their faces and body covered in mud, BBC reports.