fredag 5. juli 2024

Beyoncé, couture and palaces: India’s growing taste for mega-weddings

When it comes to elaborate nuptials, few can rival the mega-weddings of India’s super-rich. Recent months have seen a slew of high-profile ceremonies, from a rare Bollywood-Hollywood union (Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas) to what could be one of history’s most expensive weddings (when Isha Ambani, daughter of Asia’s richest man, wed Anand Piramal, the son of a billionaire industrialist).

Eye-watering amounts of money were spent on haute couture bridal wear, food from the world’s top chefs and opulent palace venues. Ambani and Piramal even splashed out on a private show by Beyoncé. But it’s not just India’s elites. In a country where up to 12 million weddings take place a year, the growing middle classes are increasingly putting on lavish ceremonies to emphasize their status.