tirsdag 11. juni 2024

The Committee that Ended the Age of Engagement?

The U.S. Congress’ special China committee has a packed agenda for the few months left this term. But its most consequential work may be done: a more confrontational U.S. policy towards China.

Set up at the start of last year in the House of Representatives, the Select Committee on the Strategic Competition between the United States and the Chinese Communist Party has racked up notable successes in its brief existence. Its scrutiny put Wall Street and Silicon Valley on notice to police their investments into China. Its investigations showed that Chinese tax programs supportthe export of ingredients for fentanyl, and got the Department of Homeland Security to step up inspections of small packages, tightening a loophole potentially used to import goods made with forced labor in Xinjiang.

On the legislative front, the panel’s leading members helped craft the law that will force TikTok’s Chinese owner to sell or shut down the platform in the U.S. if the company is not successful in challenging it.