lørdag 15. juni 2024

EU officials to make rare Tibet visit to examine human rights

European Union officials are scheduled to make a rare visit starting this weekend to the Tibet Autonomous Region during their annual human rights talks with China, an EU spokesperson told Radio Free Asia. Although it isn’t clear how much access the officials will ultimately be granted, the spokesperson, Peter Stano, told RFA that the EU has put forth “concrete proposals” for the places the delegation would like to see, including boarding schools, prisons and places of worship.

“We have requested a meaningful, non-touristic visit that will allow us to measure our long-standing human rights concerns against the reality in Tibet on the ground,” Stano said.

A small group of EU officials led by Paola Pampaloni, the EU’s deputy managing director of Asia and Pacific Department, will make the visit to Tibet during the annual EU-China Human Rights Dialogue in Chongqing, China, that is scheduled to start on June 16

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