fredag 28. juni 2024

China condemned for rejecting key recommendations of UN review of its rights record

China has rejected all key recommendations urging it to end violations of human rights of its citizens while accepting only those from friendly governments which either do not criticize it or which, in fact, praises its repressive policies in the name of combating separatism and maintaining the socialist government system following the UN’s Universal Periodical Review (UPR) of its record held in Jan 2024.

The UPR is a process through which all UN member states’ human rights records are examined by other members and the latest was China’s fourth since 2009. Announcing China’s response to the 418 recommendations made at the end of the review hearing, the UN has said Jun 11 that the Chinese government had agreed to accept 290 recommendations, partially accept 8, take note of 32, and reject 98.

China has cited the 290 as those it had either “accepted and (were) being implemented” or those it had “accepted and already implemented.”