fredag 17. mai 2024

Narendra Modi’s India: A decade of popularity and polarisation

Ten years after becoming prime minister, Narendra Modi is aiming for a historic third term - what makes him India's most prominent leader in decades? Many voters feel things have got better since he took office in 2014, but will people who are struggling back him in the country's general election?

In Mr Modi's constituency in the northern city of Varanasi, saree weaver Shiv Johri Patel says he's got many worries - but he's clear who's getting his vote. "Mr Modi has done great work. We haven't seen poor people getting so many welfare benefits under any other government," he says. Mr Patel says his sons can't find jobs and local middlemen have cheated him out of a federal government welfare payment - but he doesn't blame the prime minister. "It doesn't matter if I get what I'm owed or not, I will still vote for him," he told the BBC.

Varanasi goes to the polls in the last round of voting before results day on 4 June.