torsdag 23. mai 2024

Christian Asamoah Gyawu: Exploring the causes of conflict between India and China

Since the establishment of diplomatic relations in 1950, the Republic of China and India have not had a good relationship. The two countries have had volatile engagements with many withstanding unresolved issues, especially in the land boundary disputes. The disputes have even resulted in different military wars experienced in the country. The Sino - Indian war that occurred in 1962, Nathu La and Cho La border clashes in 1967, and the Sumdorong Chu conflicts in 1987 are examples of wars that have resulted from the conflict. Analyzing the conflict between the two countries is thus essential as it depicts how the relationship between them has been ever since they attained independence.

This thesis paper seeks to explore some of the potential causes of the confl ict that has continued to exist between China and India and the different strategies that have been implemented with time to ensure that the disputes have been resolved. The thesis will further outline the various research objectives and questions while indicating why I find them interesting. In addition, it will also provide a section on the research methodology adopted in the study. Finally, the general structure of the thesis will also be provided.