mandag 22. april 2024

In Retrospect: Richard Nixon And Zhou Enlai, "Toasts At A Banquet Honoring The Premier," February 25, 1972

President Richard Nixon made history by breaking the ice and visiting China in February 1972. During his stay, he hosted a banquet in the Great Hall of the People. The toasts were made shortly after 9 pm and were broadcast live via satellite to the United States.

"Mr. Prime Minister and our very distinguished guests from the People's Republic of China and the United States of America:

It is a great privilege while we are guests in your country to be able to welcome you and the Chinese who are present here as our guests this evening. On behalf of Mrs. Nixon and all of the members of our official party, I want to express our deep appreciation for the boundless and gracious hospitality which you have extended to us.

As you know, it is the custom in our country that the members of the press have the right to speak for themselves and that no one in government can speak for them. But I am sure that all those from the American press who are here tonight will grant me the rare privilege of speaking for the press in extending their appreciation to you and your government for the many courtesies you have extended to them."