fredag 26. april 2024

Fresh Tensions In Vietnam-China Ties Over New Baseline Announcement By China In Gulf Of Tonkin – Analysis

China’s recent maritime activities leading to disputes with Philippines have caught the attention of analysts who are busy dissecting China’s long-term intentions and future course of direction. This is a serious issue as these impacts on the security and stability in the region. There are internationally governed rules for conducting maritime trade but China has often violated with impunity ignoring the sensitivities of the smaller countries which have legitimate claims in their territorial waters.

China has nine maritime neighbours, including Taiwan, but no settled maritime boundaries, due in part to China’s unwillingness to specify its maritime claims. Only one particular exception to this exists – a boundary agreement with Vietnam to delimit the northern part of the Gulf of Tonkin and a fishery agreement establishing a joint fishing regime in that area, both reached in 2000. (1) As is the wont with China, that is being violated now, provoking Vietnam to issue a de marche against such incursion into its territorial waters.