lørdag 27. april 2024

China expels teacher for pushing for students to use Tibetan language

A Tibetan language teacher in China’s Sichuan province was interrogated and expelled by authorities after pushing for greater use of the Tibetan language in schools — a measure that has been banned in education institutions, two sources inside Tibet told Radio Free Asia.

Dhonyoe, who goes by only one name, was expelled in early April from Meruma Central Primary School in Ngaba county’s Meruma township after he was interrogated several times by Chinese authorities, said the sources who requested anonymity for fear of reprisals. His teaching license was also suspended, they said. “Dhonyoe was accused of teaching his students beyond the national education system and was repeatedly questioned by authorities in mid-March,” said the first source.

The Chinese government-run boarding school has about 500 Tibetan students, studying in kindergarten to the sixth grade, and about 60 teachers. The school previously taught Tibetan language and used Tibetan as a medium of instruction, the sources said.