fredag 15. mars 2024

The Forsaken Uyghurs of Xinjiang

The list of atrocities being inflicted on Uyghurs is terrifying. Human Rights Watch [HRW] has confirmed that “the Chinese authorities impose on Turkic Muslims a pervasive system of mass surveillance, controls on movement, arbitrary arrest and enforced disappearance, cultural and religious erasure, and family separation.”

The HRW report also mentions that “… UN special procedures-special rapporteurs, working groups, and other human rights experts-issued a searing indictment of China’s human rights record, including the Chinese government’s “collective repression” of religious and ethnic minorities in Xinjiang…”

While indoctrination and forced labour in internment camps under garb of “re-education and vocational training” is used to alter their political outlook, forcing Uyghurs to consume alcohol and pork as well as discouraging fasting during Ramadan is meant to destroy their religious beliefs. Mass sterilization and intrauterine contraceptive device implantation programs are aimed at systematically reducing the Uyghur population to an insignificant minority. Even innocuous things like wearing veils, growing beards or even having too many children can have very serious consequences for Uyghurs.