torsdag 1. februar 2024

FBI Director Christopher Wray: The CCP Cyber Threats to the American Homeland and National Security

Chinese government hacking efforts now target the entire American populace, and the escalating urgency of the overall threat that China poses to U.S. national security requires more investment in the FBI’s capabilities, FBI Director Wray warned lawmakers during a January 31 appearance before the House Select Committee on the Strategic Competition Between the United States and the Chinese Communist Party.

“I do not want those watching today to think we can’t protect ourselves,” he told legislators. “But I do want the American people to know that we cannot afford to sleep on this danger.”

China’s quest to steal American intellectual property to gain an economic and militaristic edge over the United States—through nefarious cyber means and traditional espionage, alike—hasn’t let up. But the scope of its malicious cyber activities has expanded to target our nation’s critical infrastructure, Wray told lawmakers during the hearing, which looked to gauge the risks that CCP cyber efforts poses to U.S. national security.

“There has been far too little public focus on the fact that PRC [People’s Republic of China] hackers are targeting our critical infrastructure—our water treatment plants, our electrical grid, our oil and natural gas pipelines, our transportation systems,” Wray told the committee during his opening remarks. “And the risk that poses to every American requires our attention now.”