onsdag 31. mai 2023

Teen girl in India stabbed to death in public, reigniting outrage over violence against women

A 16 year-old girl was brutally stabbed and bludgeoned to death in a busy public alleyway in India’s capital on Sunday, sparking renewed outrage over the safety of women in the country and violence perpetrated by men. Video of the incident, which lasted for more than a minute and was captured on security camera, shows multiple people walking close by as the attacker repeatedly strikes the victim. Only one man is shown attempting to intervene, trying to pull the attacker off the victim before quickly retreating.

The body of the victim, who has not been identified, was found Sunday evening in the Shahbad Dairy area of the northern Delhi neighborhood of Rohini, where the incident took place. On Monday afternoon, Indian police said they had arrested a male suspect named Sahil in connection with the murder. Sahil, a mechanic, was detained in Bulandshahr in neighboring Uttar Pradesh state, Ravi Kumar Singh, Deputy Police Commissioner for Outer Delhi, told reporters on Monday.