torsdag 9. mars 2023

US generals warn China is aggressively expanding its influence in South America and the Caribbean

Senior US generals issued stark warnings to lawmakers about what they described as an “aggressive” expansion of Chinese influence in South America and the Caribbean encroaching on American interests in the region.

“The [People’s Republic of China] has the capability and intent to eschew international norms, advance its brand of authoritarianism, and amass power and influence at the expense of these democracies,” Gen. Laura Richardson, commander of US Southern Command, said on Wednesday. “The PRC has expanded its ability to extract resources, establish port, manipulate governments through predatory investment practices, and build potential dual-use space facilities — the most space facilities in any combatant command region.”

Indeed, Richardson and Gen. Glen VanHerck, commander of US Northern Command, told the House Armed Services Committee that China’s expansion has included increased work on the Belt and Road Initiative, a massive international infrastructure project that seeks to expand Chinese influence around the world, as well as “economic coercion” in the Bahamas and “investment” on South American projects.