fredag 17. mars 2023

The Astounding Hypocrisy of China's Middle East Policy

After years of hostility, Iran and Saudi Arabia agreed to "reestablish relations" in a deal brokered by China, a nation that has shown little love for millions of the Muslim citizens within its borders. The three countries announced the resumption of diplomatic relations between the two Middle Eastern powers on March 10, including the reopening of embassies in Tehran and Riyadh within the next two months.

Before your eyeballs roll too far back into your head, there are some good things about this otherwise supremely shady deal. For one, Iran and Saudi Arabia coming to the table means they are willing to lower the temperature of their full-blown proxy war in Yemen and calm some of the power-politics at play in Syria. China stepping in as Middle East power-broker "after decades of American failure" in the region is quite a sight to see, and those are the Washington Post's words, not mine.

While it's no secret that that the United States considers China its "number one geo-strategic threat," this latest play by President Xi Jinping provides more proof of his plans to gain influence over as much territory as possible in a region where the United States has been the main power broker since the end of the Cold War.