mandag 6. mars 2023

India's Kochi city covered in toxic haze from waste dump fire

Indian firefighters are trying to put out a fire at a waste plant which has led to a toxic smoke cover over many areas in Kochi city in Kerala state. The fire began last week at a local waste management plant which processes tonnes of waste every day. Residents have been advised to remain indoors and use N-95 masks if they step out. Local authorities have also announced that schools will be shut for younger children.

In an update on Sunday, the state government had said that the fire was under control and would be extinguished soon. Fires are often reported at massive landfills in many parts of India, mostly because of the methane generated as the waste decomposes. The Brahmapuram waste plant, located near the edge of Kochi city, is known for the massive mounds of waste on its premises. The plant is owned and operated by Kochi city authorities.