lørdag 25. mars 2023

Hong Kong hidden protesters billboard artwork taken down

A digital billboard artwork in Hong Kong which included secret references to local dissidents has been removed. The No Rioters piece by US artist Patrick Amadon had been displayed the past week on the side of a department store in central Hong Kong. The artist revealed the deception last week, which involved inserting names of jailed activists in flashing text that couldn't be seen by the naked eye. He told the BBC he had created it in "solidarity" with protesters.

The 24-second video, which also featured a panning surveillance camera, had included the details of jailed pro-democracy protesters. This could be seen in photographs of the artwork. Mr Amadon said on Friday the artwork's removal "completed" its political message about the crackdown on the city's civil freedoms. "A few years ago, this art would have been a free and legal expression. For the government to take it down now objectively demonstrates how Hong Kong has changed and completes the art work," Mr Amadon told the BBC.