torsdag 16. mars 2023

Don’t ‘quench your thirst with poison’, Taiwan tells Honduras after switch to China

Taiwan has urged Honduras not to “quench your thirst with poison and fall into China’s debt trap”, adding it would not compete monetarily with China to keep its formal allies after its decision to switch diplomatic ties from Taipei to Beijing this week.

Honduran president Xiomara Castro announced on Tuesday that her country would begin to establish an official relationship with Beijing, in effect severing its ties with Taipei.

Her foreign minister, Eduardo Enrique Reina, said on Wednesday the country had asked Taiwan to double its annual aid to $100m and renegotiate its debt to the island, a request he said went unanswered. The Central American country is struggling to repay its international debts, including $600m owed to Taiwan. “Honduras’ needs are enormous, and we haven’t seen that answer from Taiwan,” the minister said.