fredag 24. februar 2023

US plans to expand training of Taiwanese forces

The US is planning to increase the number of US troops training Taiwanese forces on the self-governing island in the coming months, according to US officials. It is unclear how many additional US troops will take part in the expanded training efforts. On Tuesday, Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen told a visiting bipartisan US congressional delegation that the two militaries will cooperate “even more closely” and plan to “bolster military exchanges.”

“Enhanced military and economic ties have been the focal point of conversations with political, business, and military leaders,” a congressional aide to a Democratic member of the delegation told CNN. “The Communist Party of China’s disinformation & influence campaign against Taiwan should also be addressed through deeper cooperation with the United States.”

Even a modest increase in the number of troops in Taiwan could increase tensions with China, which has watched in recent months as the US has strengthened its posture around the island, bolstering forces in nearby Okinawa and Guam. In response, China accused the US of undermining peace and stability in the region.