fredag 17. februar 2023

Joe Biden Leaves Crucial Mystery About UFOs Unexplained

President Joe Biden addressed the media Thursday about a number of unidentified flying objects shot down by the U.S. military over the past couple weeks, following days of questions from the press and members of Congress. In about eight minutes of remarks, Biden walked reporters through how the three objects—one over Alaska, one over Canada and one over Lake Huron—were tracked and ultimately shot down. He also addressed concerns about their capacity for surveillance.

And he categorically denied that the objects—each roughly the size of a small car or SUV—had any connection to China, which set off a diplomatic firestorm after a 200-foot-tall spy balloon drifted across U.S. air space before being shot down off the South Carolina coast on February 4.

But what Biden didn't explain was what the objects were or who sent them. The administration has said that the government believed they were likely tied to private companies or research institutions.