lørdag 18. februar 2023

Distrust deepens over US-China balloon row

As the rift between the US and China over the balloon saga widens, so has the divide within the global community scrutinising their high-stakes dispute. The latest exchange took place on Friday, with US President Joe Biden insisting he would "make no apologies" for shooting down the alleged Chinese spy balloon. Hours later, the Chinese foreign affairs ministry said the US "can't ask for dialogue while fuelling tensions".

China continues to deny that they sent a spy balloon, even as the US continues to disclose more details of the object to back up their allegation. But beyond the dispute, the way both Beijing and Washington have responded to each other has come under close examination as the world grapples with the incident's implications for national security and geopolitical stability. The net result, say observers, is that it has hardened positions - deepening distrust among those wary of China or the US - and made it significantly harder for Washington and Beijing to close the gap between them.