mandag 16. januar 2023

Shenzhen Offers $2,800 Subsidy for Couples Having Third Child

The southern metropolis of Shenzhen has become the latest city to offer cash rewards to encourage couples to have more children, as the country’s birth rate continues to decline rapidly. Families having a third child or more in Shenzhen will receive a cash allowance of 19,000 yuan ($2,825) in total until the child reaches the age of 3, according to draft rules released by the city’s health authority Tuesday. Those having their first and second child will be offered 7,500 yuan and 11,000 yuan, respectively.

Shenzhen has seen the number of births decrease for four consecutive years since 2017, with newborns in 2021 down 25% from the peak in 2017. Meanwhile, the number of married women of childbearing age in the city has declined for seven years in a row since 2015, the document said.