fredag 6. januar 2023

COVID Is Rife Inside China’s Colleges. Exams Are Going Ahead Anyway.

On Dec. 8, China’s central authorities issued a document that effectively ended the “zero-COVID” policy. Anyone testing positive for the coronavirus would be allowed to stay at home rather than be taken to centralized quarantine. Soon after, cities all over the country rapidly dismantled their pandemic-control systems. Rules requiring residents to take regular PCR tests and scan digital health codes to enter public places were scrapped. Restrictions on interprovincial travel ended.

The sudden policy change also brought important news for students: The postgraduate exams would go ahead as planned, while the civil service exams would be held on Jan. 7 and 8. But on campuses, relief quickly turned to concern as the end of COVID restrictions triggered a massive wave of infections. Of the 10 students Sixth Tone spoke with, not a single one had avoided being infected.