torsdag 29. desember 2022


In the month since China erupted in a series of nationwide public protests, incited by a deadly fire in Urumqi and fueled by anger towards harsh “zero-COVID” policies, those involved in the protest movement have taken stock of their progress and setbacks. The CCP has silently retaliated against many who took part in the demonstrations, but the rare opportunity for collective action has already inspired new forms of political consciousness that transcend domestic and international borders.

Within China, the government has leveraged its sophisticated surveillance apparatus to identify and detain many individuals who participated in the protests. AFP reported that one protester in Guangzhou was detained for at least nine days, with one lawyer stating that at least six other protesters in two cities had been held for a week or longer. “Now that it has been proven that excessive pandemic prevention was a mistake, and since the country has abandoned its ‘zero-COVID’ policy, these young people should be allowed to return to their homes,” a Guangzhou-based lawyer told NGOCN. “Everyone should know that these young people who were arrested are the most cherished part of our country.” Eva Rammeloo from TIME shared the stories of several protesters who were maltreated in detention.