fredag 25. november 2022

Over 59 Million Older Chinese Will Need Care by 2030, Study Says

China’s population is aging at a rapid pace, and its health is deteriorating just as fast. By 2030, it is estimated that an additional 14 million elderly Chinese will show a severe inability to perform several daily activities, and will therefore require more care according to a new study published Monday in the medical journal The Lancet Public Health. The number of the elderly with difficulties performing such daily activities — ranging from dressing, bathing, and feeding to cooking and shopping — will increase by 31% in a decade to 59.3 million in 2030.

The proportion of older people in need of care declined between 2011 and 2020 due to improved education levels, advances in age-friendly living environments, and more access to medical care. Nevertheless, the rapidly expanding older population will likely lead to a notable increase in the number of senior Chinese people with care needs by 2030, said the study.