onsdag 1. juni 2022

Shanghai’s subway and shops reopen and streets fill up after two-month lockdown

Shanghai has eased a range of Covid-19 restrictions in a step towards returning to normal after a two-month lockdown that confined residents of the megacity to their homes and battered China’s economy. The commercial hub of 25 million people was closed down in sections from late March, when the Omicron virus variant fuelled China’s worst outbreak since Covid first took hold in 2020.

After some rules were gradually relaxed over the past few weeks, authorities on Wednesday began allowing people in areas deemed low-risk to move around the city freely. Factories and businesses were set to restart work after being dormant for weeks. “This is a moment that we have been looking forward to for a long time,” the Shanghai municipal government said in a statement on social media. “Because of the impact of the epidemic, Shanghai, a megacity, entered an unprecedented period of silence.”